Fickle Feline by Cat and the fiddle

This is officially my first sweet post to start this brand new year! I love food- to cook, to bake, to try, to write and to drool over it too. Like now I am drooling over thinking about one of the yummiest cheesecakes I have tried sometime back.

This yummiest cheesecake came from Singapore's first online cheesecake store "Cat & the Fiddle", the brains and creative spark behind it is none other than Singapore's iconic dessert Chef, Daniel Tay.

Thanks to the team for sending us one of their signature cake Fickle Feline specially on our double celebration - our 12th wedding anniversary and our new home!  It is like those limited edition collection - this special cake is limited to 50 cakes per week with order on every Wednesday.

What so special about this cheesecake?? 
Well, We all love cheesecake (closing my eyes and forgetting about the calories) and  simply indulge myself to celebrate the occasion. This cake is just perfect to enjoy 10 different flavours in one go. 

Wow! Isn't it lovely to buy just one special cake to make up for 10 cakes. 

Usually at our home it tends to happen, my son will love one flavour which is by default chocolate, my little girl will love another, my hubby something else and towards the end we can't decide on which flavour to buy for any occasion. 

Fickle Feline is just right for us to enjoy 10 yummy cake and taste all 10.

1. Maneki Neko (Yuzu, Lemon and Lime)
I find this cheesecake very refreshing leaving that tangy taste of orange, lemon and lime on your tongue. 

2. Carribean Surfari ( Pina Colada) 
It is said to be a tropical sweetheart because it has got a blend of rich coconut cheese cream, juicy pineapple and rum.

3.Over the Moon (Classic New York) 
This is one of those old classic kinds of cream cheese cake enriched with vanilla beans. It just perfectly goes with a cup of tea/coffee and you will have that long lasting vanilla in your mouth.

4. Modern Duke's Pudding(Oreo)
 For all the Oreo fans you will love this rich cheese and dark chocolate combination with crunchy bits of Oreo cookie crumble.

5. Silician Wild Cats ( Tiramisu)
Who can say No to Tiramisu? Timeless Tiramisu with Mascarpone and premium Marsala wine hidden under the generous dusting of cocoa powder is simply irresistible.

6. Sweet & Smokey Taffy( Salted Caramel) 
I think this is the only cheesecake with salted caramel with a mix of crunchy Oreo biscuit crust and chocolate. It reminds me of those caramel filled toffee.

7. Queen of Hearts (Strawberry)
As it name suggests I was honoured to get this in my share to celebrate our anniversary, my hubby said, "for Queen of my heart" blush blush! It was yummy with a thick layer of strawberry glaze and a velvety texture. Simply perfect for a strawberry fan!

8. Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang) 
This is another yummy cheesecake which goes well for tea time. It has got a dazzling flavour of Espresso and seven parts Hong Kong style milk tea.

9. Russian Whiskers ( Mango and Vodka) 
I was so sure that can't go wrong with Mango since it is our all time favourite. It has a sweet creamy cheesecake with fresh mango cubes and a dash of vodka with white chocolate curls. Totally yummy!

10. Emperor Romance (Lychee and Martini)
Well! They say that Martini is a ladies drink, this unique Lychee and Martini cheesecake is melt-in-your-mouth creamy cake. 

You can get the add-on like DIY stencils, greeting card and other tools to customize your cake. I got this chalkboard style message board to add my personal note to my cake. They have got the option to self-collect, regular delivery, flexi delivery and special timing delivery also.

Cake comes with a sweet Meow "Thank You" card from them!

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